Birgit Kasimirski, B.A.
Von-Randerath-Str. 5
D-41352 Korschenbroich

Mobil: +49 (0)170 3101802

Mail to Birgit Kasimirski

Contact me for individual English training.  I offer 1:1 trainings, mostly online, but trainings in person or on-site are also possible. I bring almost 20 years of experience with helping people improve their skills. Over the years, I have outlined a clear idea of how we should approach the language. It is not only about vocabulary.

I will help you become more confident when you involve in international meetings. You might want to start working with international teams or even sell abroad? Then, English will be a prerequisite.

Contact me for journalistic work. I offer to write journalistic texts for you.

Contact me for translation work.  I offer translations, e.g. your website in English. Ask me for more information.

Contact me when you are looking for a good book to learn English. I am the author of three books on English grammar, in which I explain the issue in a practical user-friendly way. Take a look!

Contact me to get in touch with the ThreeEnglishExperts Podcast. Since November 2023, Rebecca Deacon, Dave Preston and I have been releasing episodes on issues that are of interest to most English learners.