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Learning English is a journey. As a child, your teacher shows you pictures and speaks foreign words or teaches you a song in English. As a teenager, your teacher makes you read boring texts and write things, which they then mark very strictly. As an adult, your teacher is life. You need English in your personal life, with family and friends, watching your favourite TV shows and maybe on holidays abroad. And, you need English more and more at work and in business. In short, it has become an essential part of your life.

However good or bad your experience of learning English is, we – your Three English Experts Birgit, Rebecca and Dave – with over 60 years of business English teaching combined, would like to inspire you, encourage you and give you advice, tricks and tips on how to go forward on your learning journey.

So, jump in, find out more about us, leave us comments, ask our advice, and join us on this podcast to make your learning journey easier, stress-free and fun.

Your Three English Experts

Birgit, Rebecca and Dave.