These key factors can help you improve your skills in a substantial way.

1. KNOW-HOW Englische Grammatik – alle Zeiten im Überblick 

How do I speak correctly?

What do I need in order to speak well?

What is there in the language I need to know?

Where am I at the moment in the language?


2. KNOW WHY Lean on Grammar – die Basics, BIG 5

Why should I take a look at the BIG 5 first?

Why can I put some tenses aside for a moment?

Why do I need to understand the basics?

Why do German native speakers find certain issues difficult?

Why does English still seem to be so difficult for me?

What do I lack?

What do I need to look at first, second, last?


3. PRACTICE Englisch Lernen – über 1.000 sinnvolle und nützliche Sätze

I need to talk.

I need to listen.

I need to consume English regularly.

I need to practice the grammar I still find difficult.

I want to get involved in an English-speaking environment.

I can more and more see English as my other language that I

often use.

More often now I get into the flow as I speak English.

I start to trust myself: I can do it, I can speak well.