“All meanings, we know, depend on the key of interpretation”. George Eliot


A good translation never changes any statements of the original texts nor does it contain ratings of the translator. One should not note that the text was translated at all.

I translate all kinds of documents for you: manuals, homepages, concepts, terms and conditions, financial news, news in general, press releases, contracts or technical articles.

Experiences show that customers are not always happy with the results of translators, of whom many use translation-software. My promise to you is: I translate your documents manually.

In case you are interested, I am happy to send you my offer for the translation of your documents – ENGLISH into GERMAN or GERMAN into ENGLISH.

Along with a high-quality translation you will get a reliable assertion from me when I can deliver your text. It is punctuality and reliability that are  important for me in terms of customer service, as well as confidentiality and mutual respect.

Here are some examples of my translation work (in the target language) StateGovernance_Russia InitiativkreisRuhr SMS